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Traveling with your pets – what to keep in mind

Pet lovers want to take their beloved pets with them wherever they go even when going on a holiday.

They prefer bringing their pets with them over leaving them under the care of animal boarding facilities.

If you are planning to bring your pet with you, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make your travel worthwhile and stress-free. These are the following:

Put on identification tag

Make sure you tag your pet with proper identification before going out. Your pet cannot identify itself and so having a tag gives you a guarantee that your pet will find its way back to you. Aside from the tag, you would want to put a microchip to your pet.

Secure your pet

Even if you have your pet trained, it is still recommended to secure your pet by putting them in a crate. That way, the possibility of injuring the pet while on travel will be reduced significantly. You should also bring carriers made from fabric materials. A plastic pet carrier is also a good option. Make sure your pet feels comfortable and safe throughout the trip.

Sedating the pet

If your pet is fuzzy and anxious during travel, the best thing to do is to sedate the pet. Your vet can give you something that your pet can take before traveling.

Bring a first aid pet kit

During your travel, always expect the unexpected. So, it is best to be prepared at all times. As a responsible pet owner, you should carry a pet first aid kit with you. Ask your vet about the medicines and other things you need to carry with you when traveling with your pet.

Make food and water always available

You will never know when the plane or train gets delayed. Unexpected things may bound to happen. If you are bringing your pet with you, then might as well bring food and water at all times. Keep in mind that some human foods are not suitable for your pets.

Keep your pet comfortable when traveling by air

Fortunately, most airlines allow you to carry your pet with you in the cabin provided the pet first in the carrier under the seat. You also need to pack some pet essentials like a water bottle, poop bag, collapsible bowl, a leash, and a recent picture of your pet.

Traveling with your pets may sound fun but it comes with responsibilities. You need to take into consideration the safety of your pet as well as your safety and the people around you. Without proper training and preparation, your pet could be put in danger. The length of your travel as well as the health condition of the pet, should be taken into account too. If you will not be away for too long, then might as well leave your pet under the care of an animal boarding facility, especially if you don’t have someone who will look after your pet at home.