Tips on Garage Door Repairs

How to Make Your Own Repairs

Garage doors can sometimes fail to function properly. They can have trouble when opening, locking up and age can even catch up with them. The moment you are stuck in your car, trying to unlock the garage door without avail, will make you wish that you had regularly carried some fixing and repairs.

If you are in a bit of a rush you can opt to contact skilled contractors to give it a special attention. However, if you busy and time is on your side; trust your ability and give it a go by yourself.

To start with garage doors are pretty easy to handle. They involve moving the door back and forth and just like that your possessions are kept safe. This means that keeping your garage door in top shape is something that you should always strive to achieve.

Keeping your garage door in good conditions will not only minimize excessive repair cost but also upgrade your security to a level or two. Here are some tips to use, if you are having a problem with your garage door.

Frozen garage door

The garage door openers can be stifled by cold weathers which can cause short circuits or loss of power. However, the majority of garage doors have power adjusters used to reduce or increase power which ensures that power can be seamlessly regulated accordingly.

Sagging garage doors

Sagging garage doors can be very hard to open. Old or poor qualities garage doors can be prone to fail at one particular time. You can prevent all this by placing a tension rod diagonally from one of the top corners of the door to the opposite bottom corner of the other. This will tighten the door straightening it up once again and improve its balance.

Noisy garage doors

Noisy garage doors can be a disturbance especially if you live next to the garage. To repair this problem you need to take a combination of frequent maintenance measures e.g. greasing or lubricating moving areas like hinges and replacement of the worn out parts.

Loose hardware

If the hardware in your garage door is loose, they can cause serious damages. You should tighten any loose screws and if already damaged replace them immediately. Check the size of the screw hole and if it is too big, then change the screw with another that fits the diameter of the hole.

Dirty tracks

You can be somewhat luck if your garage door tracks are only dirty. Use a cleaning spray to remove the dirt and the unwanted grease. Finish by cleaning off the rollers and leave the garage in a dry state.

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